Basic SEO for a new website

This blog post is  about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which is a major and ever changing practice. The general principle of SEO is that a website with unique, good quality, updated/new content will rank(appear) well within search engine results; gone are the days of dumping keywords at the bottom of your website to get good search result positions. I am no expert but have learnt a reasonable amount about this over the past few years.

There is certainly a few things that can be done, to improve your website ranking on Google and search engines

Put your full contact address on your website contact page

Add more references to your location and business related content into text on website

Think about which (key)words someone might use to search for your service and make sure they are included in the text of your website (as part of text not just isolated words)

If your business offers a product or service similar to others, getting your website to appear on the first page for a very general search term maybe difficult; as I would imagine there are a lot of businesses offering the same service or product, so adding a geographical reference will improve your chances of appearing. What other words might people search to find your business? Make sure they are in the content of your pages.

Keep your news page upto date with regular unique blog and news posts; new content is valuable for Google search results.

Some practical actions:

  1. Register your website with Google webmaster
  2. Register your website with Bing webmaster
  3. Register with Google Business Listing (for google maps etc)
  4. Register with Bing Business listings
  5. Use Google Analytics to monitor traffic and what words people use to search

Google/Bing don’t charge for this, but you need access/be able to edit the website to add code to header and or footer (copy and paste exercise) and it does take a bit of time

Consider registering with online directories like Yelp, Freeindex, Thompson local, this all creates links back to website, registration is free, but they will try to sell advertising space

Get quality links from other related websites

Be patient, it takes a while for Google to rank website, not sure how long you have been live for.

There is a great online Google Digital Marketing Training course for loads more help

Zipgro Consulting could do the Google/Bing registrations etc for you, if we can access your website to edit header/footer . It would probably cost £90-£150. If you are interested I will price up properly.



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