Social Media Klout Score

I have been testing some social media management tools, all available free to use in a basic format, including TwitterFeed, JustUnfollow, & Roundteam, without getting to obsessed with Klout I have then monitored it and now have my Klout score at 49. I understand it gets a lot harder to raise your score from here so will be interesting to monitor further.

Klout score is a useful measure for social media performance and used by a lot of leaderboards, but is not the be all and end all of social media performance

Leaderboards and Klout Score

klout logoI have noticed a number of estate agent and real estate Leaderboards being used across social media and the estate agency sector, including #ZPP100 (Zoopla) #MondREAUK (Mondinion) #EAUK500 (Market Me), so it was time to investigate.

The main benefits of Leaderboards are that they encourage engagement, create content and obviously introduce a bit of competition, all good stuff for social media.

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Estate Agents Internet Marketing Content

To build on an Estate Agents Internet Marketing you need to publish content.

Internet marketing includes: the news section of your website, email marketing and social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

The main purpose of internet marketing is to raise the profile of your agency on the web, by engaging existing and prospective clients, with a view to securing new business, ie instructions and sales!

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