My Clients

I am proud of the digital marketing services that I provide and am pleased to share with you the clients that I have and the services that I provide to each of them:

GMB Northants Community Branch Logo

I have built and manage GMB Northants website, publishing regular content to their News page, sharing that content on social media accounts – Facebook & Twitter and produce a monthly email newsletter which goes out to all members.

Pearsons Estate Agents Logo

I have established and managed social media accounts for Pearsons Estate Agents in Hampshire. We have set up and manage their main social media pages on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+. We have also created and verified Google Business Listings and Facebook Location Pages for their  13 offices across Hampshire. We also manage their Google & facebook Reviews

We publish content a number of times a day to social media accounts, grow customer engagement and undertake paid advertising on Facebook

Field Palmer Logo

We have set up and manage social media accounts for Field Palmer Estate Agents in Southampton, creating and publishing content regularly to Facebook and Twitter, whilst also adding content to their News Page and maintain ownership of their Google Business Listings and Facebook Location Pages. We work closely with the four offices and we also oversee additional posts made directly by the client.

Pearsons Auctioneers

Pearsons Auctioneers are part of Pearsons Estate Agents, they created their own Facebook and Twitter accounts that we now maintain and post to on their behalf.

Lush Motorcyle Training Logo

We built Lush Motorcycle Training Website and keep it up to date. The owner Jane, manages her own social media account on Facebook and we have set up a Twitter account which automatically shares content from her Facebook Page.

PropertyHants Logo

Our own project Property Hants is a website promoting property related matters across Hampshire.  We actively promote the hashtag #PropertyHants across social media We have Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages and have secured the & .com domain names. We have previously also run a Top Hants Estate Agents Leaderboard. We use affiliate marketing on the website to generate income. The project has taken a back seat at the moment.

If you are interested in joining us as a client please get in touch

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