The Power of Social Media

I have had two great and interesting experiences of how social media can work for business recently.

Firstly, I bought a sim only mobile contract from The Peoples Operator, a great product £14.99 for unlimited calls, text and data, with an intro of £3.99 for first month, plus 10% goes to your chosen charity, anyway I digress, the sim didn’t arrive and when I called Customer Service, I got an answerphone, not what I was expecting, so I turned to Twitter and got a response very quickly.


They took the conversation out of the public eye to private message, a good practice and then got a customer service person to call me back at an agreed time, which they did. The real benefit was that there was a record with the private message, and I was able to communicate with them again when the sim arrived and we need to set it up. Whilst, in an ideal world customer service departments should be able to take and deal with calls, the power of social media to resolve an issue is great. 

A similar thing happened with Plus Net, where I got cut off after 45 minutes, so I turned to Twitter again.


They followed the good practice of taking the conversation out of the public eye, onto private message, but this time dealt with the whole process by twitter messaging and resolved the issue of progressing my broadband transfer.
It just goes to show the importance of social media, and in this case both TPO & Plus net where clear about when the accounts were managed and you could expect them to respond. Great use of #SocialMedia

Particular thanks to ‘C’ @ at @TPOUK and ‘BB’ at @PlusNet


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